Mobile Wallet & Payments

Convenient, secure payments via your mobile device.

Did you know that your GCCU Mastercard Debit and Visa Credit Cards can be used for both Apple and Samsung Pay? Tap “Get Started” below to learn how to set up each card in your Mobile Wallet as well as how to securely make purchases via your mobile device at thousands of merchants.

Mobile Wallet Benefits
  1. Less Clutter – Eliminate the need to carry all of your plastic cards with you at all times.
  2. More Security – Your card and account numbers aren’t shared with the merchant because Mobile Wallet transactions are encrypted.
  3. More Efficient – Make payments quicker at the checkout line.
  4. More Convenient – Your cell phone is probably with you at all times. Why carry around more than you need to.
Mobile Wallet FAQs

Simply put, your Mobile Wallet is a virtual wallet that enables you to carry digital versions of your credit and debit cards on your mobile device.

Mobile Payment is a service offered by merchants which allows the consumer to use a mobile device to pay for goods and services as opposed to their physical credit or debit cards.

Yes, multiple cards can be stored in your Mobile Wallet.

You can use your Mobile Wallet to make payments at merchants who offer Mobile Payment as a service. Although the majority of merchants offer Mobile Payment, not all do. You may still need to carry your plastic card.