Advantage Plus Checking Account

Advantage Plus Checking/Draft Account (D2)

Advantage Plus Checking/Draft Account has a low monthly account fee of $3.95 and includes all of the benefits of the Basic Checking/Draft Account plus the following:

  • One free box of basic duplicate checks per year
  • Waived fees for cashier’s checks, money orders, phone transfers, temporary checks and statement copies
  • 0.10% bonus on CD rates
  • 0.25% discount on loan rates*
  • Fully managed identity theft recovery
  • Identity theft expense reimbursement insurance up to $25,000**
  • Credit monitoring***
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Mobile phone coverage****

*Maximum of 0.50% discount on loans including all available rate reductions. Not all loan types qualify for Relationship Advantage discounts.
**Coverage is currently not available to residents of the state of New York.
***The primary account holder is entitled to Credit Monitoring services and require activation by the primary account holder.
****This insurance coverage covers mobile phones that are on the same phone plan as the primary account holder. Covers accidental damage, mechanical failure and theft.

Advantage Plus Checking protects you if you fall victim to identity theft for any reason. Advantage Plus Checking includes:

  • A personal recovery advocate standing by to research and resolve any identity theft issue that you may suspect, or evidence of identity fraud that you discover.
  • Insurance for reimbursement of expenses incurred in recovering from identity theft.
  • Credit monitoring with alerts to significant changes in your TransUnion® credit file.
  • Dark web monitoring that scans the deep and dark web using sophisticated technology and alerts you if your personal information or registered credentials have been compromised.
  • Mobile phone coverage to provide insurance coverage up to $500 minus a $50 deductible for your cell phone’s repairs or replacement due to accidental damage, mechanical failure or theft.

Go to to learn more about these identity protection and mobile phone coverage services, or to activate credit monitoring if you are already a member.

Overdraft Protections & Services

GCCU has two overdraft services to help you manage your checking account. The automatic transfer service transfers available funds from your savings account to cover your transactions if you don’t have enough money in your checking account. This service is set up automatically on all checking accounts. There is a fee for each overdraft transfer.

We also offer an overdraft line of credit, which is a loan attached to your checking account.  In the event of an overdraft, the line of credit can cover expenses so that you don’t bounce checks, miss payments, or have your debit card denied. The balance on the line of credit will incur interest at your approved loan rate.

Change Saver Account

Change Saver is a program that rounds up each debit card transaction to the next dollar on your Advantage Plus or Basic Checking account.  At the end of each day you will see a credit for the difference on your Change Saver Account. This is a great way for members to save without thinking about it!

Change Saver will not take your checking account negative, it will only take what is available. You have the convenience to withdrawal or deposit to the change saver at anytime! To open a Change Saver account, please stop by one of our offices.