IRA Accounts

Saving your money is great. Growing it is even better.

Plan for the future with a tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Account.

When it comes to retirement plans, one size does not fit all. Traditional IRAs are a great option if you prefer to make pre-tax contributions now, then pay taxes in the future when the money’s withdrawn. Created as an alternative to traditional IRAs, Roth IRA contributions are not tax-deductible, although any earnings grow tax-free. This means paying taxes now to enjoy withdrawing money tax-free in retirement.

GCCU members can open a Traditional IRA Account, a Roth IRA Account or invest in an IRA Share Account, which earns dividends if the average daily balance is $100.00 or more. IRA Share Accounts can be used to save up for IRA Share Certificates, which offer higher dividend rates.

IRA Accounts are subject to terms and conditions set by the IRS. To learn more, contact GCCU member services.